Baby Hank

Hi! My name is Baby Hank! I am about 10 weeks old and weigh about 7 lb. I am a little bundle of energy! I love to play and if I cannot get another dog to play with me I am happy to entertainment myself.  I have not chewed anything up or destroyed anything. I do like to play with toys, especially balls. If I can't find a toy to play with or another dog, I will find something laying on the floor that I can drag around and play with. I am not demanding for attention but will happily come to you if you give any indication that you would like me to. I have just learned to jump furniture and think that I'm a really big boy now because I can jump on the furniture and leap off like a big dog. I am on the go most of the day but do enjoy my nap time on an elevated dog bed and snacking on my food at intervals. I would not do well crated while you are at work and then at night also. I need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. I am a great companion and more entertaining then anything you could watching on TV! I still run away when the other dogs start barking. The only time I bark it's when I see myself in a reflection or something new that I haven't seen before. I'm a really good boy because I can entertain myself so easily without being destructive. I'm learning to go outside to potty with the other dogs. I sleep in a crate at night which I am not crazy about. I will bark and whine a few minutes, and then settle down. I keep my crate clean. I would do well with children because I am so Interactive and curious about seeing everything that is going on. I would probably steal there toys though. I would not mind playing dress up. I won't be adopted to a family with young children because I am so small. I love to sit in a lap and try my best not to chew on your fingers, so you may want to have a toy in your lap for me until I get a little older. I was turned into the animal shelter, though I don't know why. It may be because of my activity level. Though I love to snuggle, I'm not a couch potato, and probably won't be for years to come. I do shed a little bit so I don't think I am hypoallergenic.  I am already on my way to being a great agility dog.

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