Hi! My name is Chewbacca! I'm about 9 months old and weigh 26 lbs. I am the perfect apartment size. I would not do well in an apartment though because I need space to run and play. I get along great with other dogs of all ages and sizes. I love to play with those that will play with me. I also enjoy playing with toys. I was turned into the local county animal shelter, but I do not know why. When I first meet someone, I am a little standoffish, but my tail is wagging like crazy. I just don't trust them quite enough to come any closer than to smell their hand. Once I get to know you though, I am all over you and all about being petted and loved on. I need some basic leash work and some basic obedience training, butt I want to please. I'm very alert and attentive to my environment.  I would be great at agility training. I will need plenty of daily so I will either need a yard with a fence or acreage. I don't know if I'm good with cats, the rescue doesn't have any. I ride well in the car. I'm currently being boarded by the rescue waiting for a foster home to open up. During this time I have become crate trained, but don't know if I am fully house trained or not since I'm not in a foster home. I am smart and a fast learner though. I am full of fun and have a happy disposition. I will make someone a great companion. I would love to go hiking, jogging, camping, or boating with you, or maybe just take a nice long walk and hang out on the sofa for a little while. 

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