Hi! My name is Dolly. I weigh 25 to 30 lb. I'm extremely loving and my tail wags all of the time! I love everyone! I get along great with the other dogs and I'm happy to play with any dog that will play with me. I leave the dogs that don't want to play alone. I'm good with kids. I've not been cat tested. I'm not a big barker unless there's something to bark at. I will stand on my hind legs for a treat or to be petted. I am house trained and ride well in the car. I don't chew anything up but do enjoy playing with toys. I don't counter surf or get in the trash. I don't dart out the door when it is opened. I enjoy being outside with another dog or person, but also love being in the house with my family. I would be a great companion for a jogger or a walker. I don't get on the furniture. I have a medium energy level. I have lots of love to give, I just need someone to give it to!


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