Dottie Sweetest dog you will ever come across!

2nd video with her 16 wk old puppy. Dingo on you tube at

Hi! My name is Dottie!  I am five years old and I weigh 11 to 12 lbs. I am the sweetest dog you will ever come across! I want to please you and a treat every now and then certainly doesn't hurt! I have a very humble, submissive girl!   I was surrendered to the rescue along with my puppy, Dingo. We can be adopted separately or together, but we get along so well, that it would be nice if we could stay together.  I have a low to medium energy level.  I love to play with Dingo  but don't really play with any of the other dogs. I get along fine with them though.  But what I love the most is being held and petted though.  I follow my foster from room to room  and just lay down while I'm waiting for her to go to another room. She's in a wheelchair and I stay out from under her wheels really well.  I rarely bark . I don't get in the trash or beg for food. I do not try to scoot out the door when it is open.  I ride well in the car. I'm house-trained but I don't ask to go out.   We all go out together first thing in the morning , last thing in the evening, and intervals during the day.  We eat dry kibble only.  I do have some brown discoloration on my back near my tail.  That is from where I had had fleas previously.  I sleep under my foster's bed, but would be happy to sleep in the bed with her if she would pick me up and put me on the bed.  I have lots of love to give  and just need someone to give it to ! Email is the best method of contact.


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