Hulu 7 weeks

Hi!  My name is Hulu!  Don't you just love my cute ears?! ♥  I am one in a litter of four.  We are 7 weeks old and weigh 1½  to 3½ lb (7/30/2019).  Our parents were family pets, and we were being sold on the internet.  Our mom is a chihuahua dachshund, and our dad is a beagle mix.  We are well socialized.  We are good with other dogs, cats, and children.  We will not be adopted into homes with young children, however, because we are so tiny.  We are becoming more and more playful and have began to fill out now that we are in the rescue.  We are smart too!  We have already learned how to flip the latch up on our pen with our noses!  We are going to be great companions and playmates -- now we waiting for the right family to come along! ♥


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