Jagger Adoption Application Pet Inquiry Form

Hi! I am Jagger, as in Mick Jagger. That is the name I learned before my owner took me to the animal shelter. I'm not sure why I ended up there,  but I am certainly glad to be out! I am a very loving little pup and love to be cuddled and held. I like to give kisses. I love to play with other dogs, no matter their size, as long as they play nice. I am four to five months old and weigh about 8 lb. I and not a barker, and when the other dogs bark I sit and try to figure out what is going on. I am a very happy,  fun-loving little boy, and a wonderful companion! I am coal black and when I sit on a black sofa, you can't really even see me. I I am fine around a power wheelchair and stay out of the way. I come when called for the most part unless the temptation is just too great for me to stop what I'm doing. I am a smart little boy and I'm pretty agile too. I will be a great companion for someone that is willing to spend the time training me and making sure I get proper exercise everyday. I really like being outside but I'm happy to come in and stretch out on the sofa with you. I have a medium energy level for a puppy,  I'm a smart little boy and ready to learn all of the things that will make me the best possible!

Contact carolinacaninerescue@gmail.com   We are happy to speak with you on the phone once your application is approved.  PLEASE BE SURE AND READ OUR FAQ PAGE BEFORE PLACING AN APPLICATION!

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